Everethyng that You Should Know About Pergola Roof Cover

Pergola with Roof Covered

There are many modifications and materials of pergola roof cover. The main building material may be brick, stone, metal or wood. The choice depends on the general design of the main building, belvederes frame and decoration of the garden. Each material and roofing system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Considering the various projects of pavilions (even the most exotic), many people still prefer the most common and familiar to the eye structures with single and gable tops. In addition, almost all country houses and belvederes are built with a gable roof.

Speaking about pergola roof cover options we can outline such modifications: single, gable, multi-level, tent, dome and the ones of arch type. There are also retractable roofs. Such sliding covering can be of various kinds as well. Let’s consider its main structural features: first type is fully detachable design, it can be removed from the surface of construction; second – moving top that shifts on specially installed casters; and the third type is sliding cover (it can be moved apart in different directions).You may also install frameless sliding glazing system along the perimeter of the gazebo. In this construction complex you will get both closed and open belvedere.

Pergola Roof Cover Options

It is also necessary to choose pergola roof cover materials carefully. It should have good noise insulation characteristics. It will make you feel comfortable in the gazebo, when the rain is tapping on the metal roof. Currently gazebo topsides are often made of polycarbonate, which seems to be the most suitable material. It is durable, easy to install, rather cheap and has good thermal insulation characteristics. The main disadvantage of polycarbonate – is flammability, so it is better not to use it for barbecue grills and gazebos with it inside.

Waterproof fabric pergola cover is also widely used as it helps to protect the construction from rain and bad weather. Use it to protect the wooden frame from disruption and it will serve you for many years.

Pergola with Covered Roof

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