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Retractable Pergola Covers Creative Idea

Retractable Fabric Pergola Covers

Retractable pergola covers give an easy charm to the garden, combining practicality, versatility and modernity. It is believed that such roofs are used only in hi-tech and modern cottages, but it is not true. Retractable roof may be used for pergolas and belvederes as well.

Retractable pergola canopy cover has a lot of advantages: it provides natural lighting, contributes to energy savings and gives an access to fresh air at any time of day and year. It also protects you and your visitors from downpour, hailstorm and snow. And of course it has modern and luxurious look. Each segment of mobile roofing can be moved. Separate parts of the roof or all of it can be folded up completely, but the best option is “telescopic” system. Such construction fulfills all the safety functions and when it is folded – takes up little space.

Retractable Pergola Shade Covers

There are several modifications of such covering: 1) seasonal – used only at certain times of the year; 2) temporary – for transportable facilities; 3) capital – for permanent use. The latter is installed as a thorough system that allows closing and opening the roof regardless of the season. The materials used for pergola with retractable cover may also be different: the first one is polycarbonate, which has good heat and sound insulating properties; the second material is tempered glass – strong, reliable and durable. You may also use opaque materials and colored polycarbonate, but their characteristics leave much to be desired.

Retractable pergola shade covers use mechanisms that can be manual or automatic. They use electric gears to shift or lift the roof structure. There also may be installed special sensors that close or open the roof according to the temperature and humidity. When the set parameters send a signal, the gear closes or opens the roof section automatically. Such “smart pergola” will surely impress your guests and will show your originality and modernity.

Pergola with Retractable Cover

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