Factors to Consider in Wooden Gazebo Plans

10x12 Wooden Gazebo Plans

Wooden gazebo plans are the most widespread among summer residents and cottagers. Pergolas may have open or closed design. In an open pergola there are no walls, it doesn’t protect you from cold and bad weather. Closed garden furniture usually is fully glazed, and sometimes even has heating. It enables its owners to have a rest in it not only in summer. Of course, such structure will require more materials and resources, but the level of comfort is quite higher.

Outdoor wooden gazebo plans are quite diverse, even though they may look same at first glance. It is believed, that you can’t find two identical belvederes. Each one has something special, unique carvings on the frame and so on. So don’t be afraid to make a belvedere with your own hands.

Free Plans for Wooden Gazebo

Find simple wooden gazebo plans to build your own gazebo. Let it be a summer pergola.  The main feature of these pavilions is that they either do not have walls, or have only light latticed walls. Such a simple arbor with hipped roof can be built in a few hours, not counting the time for preparatory work. If gazebo is located near the solid fence in the corner of the garden, latticed walls will not be needed. It will make the process of building twice easier.

The construction of diy wood gazebo plans always begins with a foundation. Even in the construction of such a seemingly simple structure it is necessary to pay special attention to the basis. In our case, taking into account that the weight of the structure is not very heavy, you can install it on 4 concrete blocks. When the foundation ready, take all the necessary materials and tools for mounting an arbor: screwdriver, electric jigsaw, small cement mixer, brush and so on. As soon as the tools are ready, start your work.


Wooden Gazebo Roof Plans

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